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We are a proud independent organisation specialising in the provision of technical design advice and testing for a wide range of sectors. We are experienced counter terrorism and life safety consultants with our own in-house blast and ballistic test facility.

Let us help protect your assets

We are an acknowledged leader in counter terrorism, perimeter security systems, explosive safety, fragment effects, and firing range design.

We are a well established, and highly regarded, dedicated security consultancy company offering a wide range of design and testing services for the protection against explosive and ballistic devices to perimeter security and incursion by human and mechanical means (such as hostile vehicle mitigation).

We also provide advanced analysis techniques in order to help organisations protection from industrial safety incidents. Alongside this, we work closely with our in-house test engineers to conduct full scale tests to demonstrate the effects of particular threats.

We have been providing specialist blast and ballistic engineering and testing services, including advice on counter terrorism mitigation for over 30 years working on security projects for the public and private sector.

In addition, we work alongside and advise stake-holders on the protection of national and private infrastructure projects in the UK and throughout the world.

Our in-house team work either directly with client security and facilities managers or as part of multi-disciplined teams.

We are professionally qualified consultants, who are leaders and experts in specialisations against terrorism, sabotage and criminal activities.

  • Blast protection engineering
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation consulting engineers
  • Ballistic protection design services
  • Electronic and physical security consultants
  • Threat and vulnerability risk assessments (TVRA)
  • Security system assessment and design
  • Penetration testing of facility security
  • Blast load derivation
  • Blast load structural analysis
  • Weapons effects on structures

Testing and Analysis

  • Blast testing
  • Shock tube testing
  • Ballistic testing of glass, windows, doors and various building products
  • Gas gun testing
  • Shock wave simulation
  • Blast testing of GRP kiosks
  • Hydrocarbon combustion testing
  • Close in fragmentation tests

Our company has been created around our highly trained and experienced specialist engineers, thus our in-house team encompasses multi talented individuals from the construction, engineering disciplines and professional organisations as listed below:

  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Institute of Explosive Engineers
  • The Register of Security Engineers and Specialists

This extensive knowledge enables us to deliver modern, practical and innovative security solutions that help ensure the delivery of cost effective security projects for government departmentsregional and district local authoritiesconstruction companiesarchitects and private sector clients.

We are currently certificated to BSI ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System – Requirements) and with UKAS for ISO 17025:2017 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) for ballistic testing.

Our IT systems have also been certificated to Cyber Essentials Plus

Some recent projects we have been involved in

World Cup Football Stadiums

Responsible for carrying out the detailed security design of two World Cup stadiums which were designed to FIFA standards and considered the in country design threats whilst meeting local legislation. The work included the design of electronic and physical security solutions, as well as the detailed design of hostile vehicle mitigation measures to protect the site boundary and critical assets.


Major Road and Pedestrian Bridge – Australasia

Project engineer responsible for carrying out a full range of calculations and report writing for an assessment of large vehicle IED impacting various different components of a pedestrian bridge; reinforced concrete piers, bridge deck, cables etc. The work involved a desk-top risk assessment study to identify likely modes of attack, provide an assessment of predicted levels of damage, rebuild costs, load derivation, structural assessments, suggesting mitigation design options and conducting fast-running models to assess their efficacy, and moving forward into the detailed design phase. 


Central London Blast Analyses

Responsible for carrying out the detailed blast analyses of a number of structures in London. We conducted blast load derivation using various techniques including Hydrocode modelling and more conventional empirical methods. Using the blast load data we conducted dynamic structural assessments of the façades and primary/secondary structures in order to determine the extent and level of damage. This work was followed by a series of analyses to determine the rebuild cost of the damage thereby helping us determine the cost – benefit of any mitigation measures.


Rail Operating Centres

Lead Security Engineers responsible for conducting the design of counter terrorism measures for two new rail operating centres which provide management of parts of the rail network. The work included the design of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures, blast resistant design, perimeter security, secure building envelopes and contingency planning.


Premier League Stadium

Responsible for the blast design of various glazing elements as well as providing vehicle dynamic assessments and the detailed design of hostile vehicle mitigation.


Embassy, Far East

Responsible for the dynamic design of the blast resistant doors and their connection back to the main structure for a new Embassy in the Far East. We were also responsible for attending site to oversee, and sign off, the installation of the blast doors which we did over a period of three separate weeks.


Physical and Electrical Security Systems – Transport System

Lead security consultant undertaking threat and vulnerability assessments for the transport network control centre. Responsible for the design and specification of electronic and physical security installations.This included Access Control Alarm monitoring, Intercoms, CCTV Surveillance, Turnstiles, Security Doors and Partitions. We were also in charge of designing the outline scheme for the hostile vehicle mitigation aspects of the project to counter a potential attack by assessing the likely vehicle impact speeds and determining the location of where vehicle borne improvised explosive devices could be deployed. 


New Embassy, Middle East

Lead security engineer responsible for the design of the physical and electronic security systems. The work included the production of Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments (TVRA), Level 1 and Level 2 Operational Requirements, blast resistant design of the structure, glazing and cladding as well as ballistic resistant glazing, hostile vehicle mitigation and mitigating the impact of CBR (Chemical, Biological and Radiological) threats.


Premier League Stadium

Security concerns had been raised regarding hostile vehicle mitigation and blast effects and required an on-site survey to enable the vehicle dynamics assessment to be carried out. In addition a survey of the glazing systems installed within the building was undertaken to enable the response of the glazing systems to be determined when subject to blast loads. Upon completion of the survey feasibility reports were produced to present the recommendations for the next phase of works. 


Gatehouse Project

Consultant Engineer responsible for providing the design team with security related design advice for the redevelopment of the gatehouse complexes to the buildings in Albania, Cuba, Ethiopia, Italy and Nepal. The security advice related to the form of construction to the gate house and the vehicle and pedestrian entry points, including hostile vehicle mitigation and perimeter wall upgrades locally to the gatehouse location. 


Shopping Centres – UK

Undertaking hydrocode blast modelling of two shopping centres in the UK. Works included assessing the site for possible attack locations, both vehicle and pedestrian, and producing reports and specifications relating to the glazed areas of the scheme. More recently undertaking security assessments, reports and design for retail extensions, commercial blocks, residential areas and event space. This includes liaising with design teams, security managers and Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs). 


Cable Car  – Europe

Engineer responsible for the blast design of various glazing elements around the North and South stations of a Cable Car system. This included production of calculations to justify the design of elements subject to blast loading and attendance at project meetings to give general advice on blast resistant glazing and framing methodologies. 


Rail Stations – UK

Part of the consulting design team for hardening of structures and facades for new rail stations. Tasks included; Structural design to dynamic blast loading requiring the use of UFC 3-340-02, Façade analysis – dynamic blast analysis and design of associated supports and fixings, analysis of fibre reinforced concrete (FRP) panels and fins under dynamic blast loading and Dynamic analysis of laminated glass balustrades – developing numerical modelling strategy to predict the response of glass balustrades under blast loading, making comparisons to ISO 16933 and GSA criteria.

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