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Blast and Ballistic Design

Construction Material Analysis

WE provide detailed blast and ballistic structural analyses on a range of materials, steel, aluminium, reinforced concrete, glass, masonry, timber and composites used in the construction of buildings.

About our service

In recent times, the need to protect your assets from the hazards that arise from either a terrorist attack or an accidental event (such as an incident at a petrochemical facility) has increased. We can assist in assessing your assets against the threats/risks posed.

These assessments can be undertaken as part of the project concept design through to construction, where we can also provide site supervision of the specialist installations if required.

If you have an existing facility, we can assess the assets against new threats, or if you are considering changes in processing or storage of explosive and/or ballistic materials, we can determine the measures needed to maintain operations and meet current legislation.

We offer comprehensive structural dynamic design services including blast load derivation, structural analysis, specifications and construction/fabrication drawings, as well as providing general design advice to a project design team.

Blast and Ballistic Design
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